Petras Dunamis

Petras Dunamis

The unshakable and unmovable.

Petra [The Rock of Ages] + Dunamis [Power from Above]

Everything we are, everything we do are committed to Jesus Christ. We owe our lives to Him.
He is the name above all names. In Jesus Christ we trust and put our Hope.

Our every failure has led to success in Him. We dedicate this system to Him.

Petras Dunamis is a system designed in developed to impact the global jewellery industry from mine to finger.

Its products range from:
Jewelcall™ Appraisal system
DIMS™ Diamond Inventory Managements systems
SBD inventory
ERP solutions
DCSA web-commerce

May the lives of those who are impacted by a Petras Dunamis product be blessed and prosperous!