Ring Guidance - Engagement rings

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. This ring is a gift by a man to his prospective spouse which signals his commitment to give himself wholly to her. The Question asked at presenting the ring is “ Will you marry me? “ and the most desired answer is “ I DO “

It is upon this verbal agreement that a couple would proceed to engage in wedding planning arrangements.

In Western countries, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand ring finger, though customs vary across the world. Before agreeing to marry, a couple may choose to buy and wear pre-engagement rings, also called promise rings.

The Engagement ring will become a memory of the start, when two journeys became one. It’s a once in a lifetime purchase. Our DCSA motto says:
Plan diligently - Prepare exceedingly - Purchase excellently

Guidelines on Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring:

What she likes?
The most important advice would be never to surprise her with a diamond engagement ring that you like. It is all about her!

To find out what type of ring she would like consider the following:
- Look at the style of jewellery she wears.
- Is her taste towards modern jewellery (flashy), traditional (classic), antique (detail) or simple (less is more).
- Yellow gold, White gold, Two-tone, Pink Gold or Platinum?
- How she reacts to other women's engagement rings in life or in magazines.

Once you have tested your findings with her relatives and friends, you will get a good idea of her likes and dislikes.

Classic Solitaires are most popular style for engagement rings. Things to look at:
- High rise or low rise
- Setting type: Bezel or Prongs
- Setting style: Four Claws or Six Claws
- Plain band or diamond band
- Shape of main diamond

With this information our sales professionals will be able to accurately assist you with the best options available. Contact us should you have any questions about the choice-of-setting.

Where to buy?
A diamond engagement ring purchase is an important event and you want peace of mind when spending on something you may know very little about.
- A good reputable jeweller always educates. Regardless of the "sale potential".
- Price is not always a direct measure of the potential or quality. Skill, Passion and Professionalism are.
- A secure company is transparent and consistent in its dealings.
- Ensure that a jeweller is a member of an industry governing body.
- Successful track record establishes trust.
- Product range confirms creative and financial ability of a company.

What to expect?
With each purchase at Diamond Corporation, South Africa ™ you receive:
- 14 Day Returns
- Gift Packaging
- 7 to 10 day delivery (*some popular items may ship 5 to 7 days)
- Free Shipping* to any major city in South Africa
- Free Diamond ™
- Warranty and Appraisal Card
- Highest quality hand-finished jewellery and precision calibrated diamonds
- Conflict Free Diamonds
- Rocks of Hope community contribution

These are the most important service and quality items you ought to receive from your online jewellery shopping experience with Diamond Corporation, South Africa ™